What is ACID?

The Artefact correction in diffusion MRI (ACID) toolbox is an academic software toolkit for pre-processing of diffusion MRI data, estimation of DTI indices and spatially normalisation of DTI index maps, which fully integrates into the batch system of SPM12. The methods used in the ACID tools have been reviewed by experts in their field and are published in methodological recognized journals (see section Referencing). These tools are made for users familiar with the underlying statistical, mathematical and image processing concepts. The ACID toolbox provides the option to write the estimated diffusion tensor in the format of the DTI and Fibertools Software Package.

Download links

Go to this page ACID for a download link and learn more about the instruction how to use this toolbox on this page GettingStarted.
Find here the latest version of the ACID toolbox tutorial and a more general presentation about DTI in SPM, which were put together as part of the SPM Course in Hamburg (September 2019).


The ACID toolbox is free but copyright software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence as published by the Free Software Foundation (either version 2, as given in file LICENCE.txt, or at your option, any later version). Further details on "copyleft" can be found here.


This toolbox comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY! It is especially not intended for any clinical or diagnostic use.


Siawoosh Mohammadi, Volkmar Glauche, Lars Ruthotto, Karsten Tabelow, Gergely David, Joerg Polzehl, Chiara D'Alonzo, Björn Fricke, Jan Malte Oeschger