COVIPER - Correction of vibration artifacts in DTI using phase-encoding reversal

What is COVIPER?

COVIPER is an academic software for correcting signal-dropout effects due to patient table vibrations. The basic idea of COVIPER is to optimally combine two images with the same diffusion weighting but different patient-table-vibration-related signal-dropouts (for details see Mohammadie et al. (2012)). The COVIPER toolbox is written by Siawoosh Mohammadi.


Go to this wiki for instruction how to use the COVIPER toolbox.

A quick demo

Fig. 1: Example of patient-table-vibration-related signal-dropout in the raw-data (arrow, top row, middle collumn) and the corresponding increase in fractional anisotropy (FA) at the posterior part of the brain (arrow, bottom row, middle collumn). When using COVIPER the increase in the FA image (arrow, bottom row, right collumn)) is reduced and the signal-dropout in the raw data (arrow, top row, right collumn)) is recovered.

Read more

Mohammadi S, Nagy Z, Hutton C, Josephs O, Weiskopf N. Correction of vibration artifacts in DTI using phaseĞencoding reversal (COVIPER). Magn Res Med 2012; 68: 882Ğ889; doi: 10.1002/mrm.24467.